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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Your Camera is your most valuable quilting tool

  • When you take a picture of a quilt or block it removes your emotion from it and allows you see what need to be changed
  • Great tool for checking value, most cameras allow you to take pictures in grayscale you just need to find out how your camera does it.  Take a picture of the block or quilt in grayscale and see if you need to change the values
  • Your camera is also a great tool for checking values in fabrics before you even buy the fabric.  Take it with you shopping and stack your fabrics then take a picture in grayscale to check the value.
  • Value does all the work, color gets all the credit.
  • You can also use your camera to help design a quilt with blocks.  Arrange the block on a design wall, take a picture.  View the picture then make changes to your quilt. 
  • Keep taking pictures and re-arranging the blocks until you are happy or too tired to move the block around any more.
  • Take a final picture and print the picture.  Use this when sewing the blocks together to make sure that you sew the blocks in the correct order.

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