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Friday, September 6, 2013

Painting Pictorial Quilts

I took a class a Craftsy class Painting Pictorial Quilt by Annette Kennedy. 
Click here for more information about the class. 

It was a wonderful class that I wish I had taken a year ago.  Annette walks you through the process of painting two projects. 

I have been painting my art quilts for a couple of years and now have a better understanding of how to mix colors.  I usually paint directly on to the quilt top and sometimes it doesn't work so I have to paint again.  Annette first paints on a scrap of the same fabric to see what the color will look like.  I certainly be trying this in future.

I also learn how to mix different colors. I usually add white to get a light color which doesn't always work.  Annette show me how to add gel to get a light color and I have had an opportunity to try this and it worked beautifully.

Watch this Youtube video of my art quilts before painting and after painting.   See what a different a little paint make.  I do say little paint.  For me this is not about painting the whole quilt but adding lights to make the values show better.


  1. What kinds of paints do you use, Diane?

    1. Rachel, I mostly use acrylic fabric paints. However, since I am not very good a mixing colors I will use any acrylic paint that is the right color and mix it with gel medium.