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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hibiscus Quilt Pattern Instructions

The following video describes in more detail the instructions for creating this Hibiscus quilt pattern.  These are supplemental instructions to those in the pattern. This pattern can be purchased at the following link:


  1. I love hibiscus! Where I live Hibiscus won't survive a winter. But, I ended planting Rose of Sharon which produces a very hibiscus looking flower. I planted them along two of my fencelines in hopes to one day block out a couple of neighbors(can't afford privacy fence). This is their 3rd season, and I must say, they are getting there! Best of all, I got all 17 saplings from my Dad for free! I love your quilt and have been wanting to do something just like this! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Danielle, thanks so much. Good luck with your flowering fence. I hope it grows fast for you.